Swimming lessons

Learn to swim in a fun, safe environment

Whether you want to improve your swimming technique, or start from the beginning, we're here to help you.

Here at Swim with Kathy we pride ourselves on our wide range of services. We have swimming classes focusing on various ages, needs and abilities. We cater for children as young as 4 months up to school age. The Adult and Child classes we offer require a parent to be present in the water, while on-going guidance is given from a qualified instructor. Children's classes are carried out with a qualified instructor, and assistants in the water depending on ability. Adult classes are also available in both smaller intimate groups and larger groups for people of a higher ability.

Our wide range of classes includes:

Adult and Child classes
Our adult and child classes cater to children from as young as 4 months to 4 years. Classes are small which allows us to provide appropriate guidance and support. We require a parent or guardian to be present in the water throughout the class. We aim to develop the children's confidence in the water through play/fun and games/nursery rhymes. Our lessons are structured to work progressively towards certificates and awards from A.S.A (Amateur Swimming Association) and S.T.A (Swimming Teachers Association).

Children's Classes
Children's classes are for 4 years and above, a structured teaching plan is carried out to A.S.A  (Amateur Swimming Association) & S.T.A (Swimming Teachers Association) standards, this gives the children the opportunity to work towards certificates and badges. We provide a very high standard of teaching, with individual support and guidance given. Keeping classes small means the children can progress at their own pace. Assistants are in the water providing help as and when required, boosting the children's confidence.

Adult Classes
Adult classes are for anyone aged 16 and over; we cater for all abilities whether you are a non-swimmer, beginner, intermediate or advanced. The classes are small in size- this allows us to offer support and guidance tailored to individual needs. We pride ourselves on being both patient and understanding, especially with those who are apprehensive in the water.

Swimming instructor

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Kathy as since she has been teaching my son who was only 3 when started with her a year ago, he has passed his first 4 levels and loving it. Thanks again .

I am happy to say how pleased I have been with the swimming tuition that Nathaniel  received over the six years he spent at your classes and how much Eloise is also now benefiting from them.
Linda B

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